Baba Ramdev Yoga For Hepatitis B

Baba Ramdev Yoga For Hepatitis BHepatitis is known as viral infection and in this condition cells of liver have to face soreness as well as swelling. This has different categories like type A, B, C, D and E but the sad fact is that this issue is result of our sedentary lifestyle. If you are suffering from chronic hepatitis then you should need to get treatment as soon as possible. From all the types Hepatitis B is known as the most dangerous one and also known as silent killer. But you should not worry much as you have to try some of the baba Ramdev yoga for Hepatitis B.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

To treat any of the issue it is must you should look at its symptoms and the main symptoms of the issue are stomach disorders, loss of appetite, body ache, tiredness, laziness, weight loss headache, yellowish urine, descent of health, muscle ache, mild fever and a virus that destroys the liver.

Causes of Hepatitis

It would prove better if you would have knowledge of causes so that you can manage the problem in some ways and the main ones are late night sleep, smoking, contaminated water, having fast or junk foods, Having fried foods in much amount, sleeping in day time, infected blood and having medicines includes ingredients like chloroform, arsenic and phosphorous etc.

Yoga to manage Hepatitis

Yoga has a powerful place in medical world as it has ability to treat different issues and thus you should try yogic techniques like Kunjal, Dhauti and Vastradhauti as they are extremely helpful to treat the problems with stomach as well as liver issues.


Hepatitis patient can try Kunjal one time in a month as this process is able to give new life and rejuvenation to your liver.

Technique of Trying Kunjal

Sit down and drink around 4 glasses of lukewarm water added a pinch of salt in it. Now, stand up and try to bend forward as much you can. Place your left hand on the stomach meanwhile place the index and middle finger of right hand in the throat. Try to make movements in your stomach and water will come out automatically and at that time you have to remove fingers from mouth. When you want to stop water then place the fingers again on the place. Make 2-3 repetitions of the process.


People suffering from biliousness if trying the technique then would get maximum benefits. It shows a curative effect because it is able to remove toxins from the liver. It releases the scums that can result in adulteration in body like halitosis, sore throats, phlegm and hyperacidity. It is able to cleanse upper alimentary canal as well as respiratory system. Continuous practicing of kunjal liver started working effectively. Even asthma patients can get great benefits with the technique.

Hepatitis B can be a condition if you left it untreated then can result may be severe. So, you are suggested to try yoga techniques as provides you benefits and along with that they are free from any kinds of side effects as well.