Baba Ramdev Yoga Eye Exercises

Baba Ramdev Yoga Eye ExercisesTo maintain the health of eyes you have to try yoga techniques from baba Ramdev. If you would make regular practice for some of them like pranayama, acupressure and eye exercises then surely they can be problem free. Not only this it also provides you strong optical muscles with better vision. Most importantly they are able to removes some of the signs of aging like puffiness and wrinkles too from the area. Following given is the brief of some of the baba Ramdev yoga eye exercises.

Effective Baba Ramdev Yoga Exercises For Eyes

Exercises to enhance your Vision

Eye rotation (up and Down)

When you continuously rotate your eye in all positions then it helps to prevent eye disorders. So, start this easy technique and for doing the same there is no requirement of going nowhere.

Try the technique-You have to just take a break from your work and sit on the floor and keep the legs stretched. Make the body straight meanwhile spine and head in erect position. Keep the right fist closed and rest over right knee and maintain a position where thumb should be at the ceiling. Keep your vision over a thing that is placed in front of you and keep the head still. Now, try to exhale deeply and stare in upward position. Rotate the eyeballs but remember you are not allowed to rotate your head. Take deep breath and stare back to the object. Repeat the same process with your left thumb. You can try 8-10 repetition of the exercise. Then keep your eyes closed and relax for next 15 minutes.

Eye rotations (Sideways)

This special exercise technique is great for myopic and hypermetropic people.

Try the Technique- You have to sit over yoga mat and try sukhasana where your head as well as spine be placed in erect position. Make your arms stretched and fists closed and clasped. Maintain the position where thumb should be faced ceiling and it gives you Yogic mudra named Ligam Mudra. Stare at your thumb. Slowly keep your hands closed to the face and place between eyebrows. Move your hand to the right side of the eyes. Keep your head in straight position. Just one eye is allowed to move at one time. Make repetition of the same with left side. Some people can find difficulty in trying the same then can do the whole process with pencil. When you place hands between the eyebrows you have to inhale deeply. Deep exhalation is required when moving the eyes to sideways. Make 10 repeats of the same and after each repeat you have to lie down with eyes closed for 10 seconds.


This is an easiest baba ramdev yoga eye exercises as it is helpful to relax your eyes. Also, there is no requirement of any special place or time to do the same.

Try the technique- Sit at comfortable position. Rub both of your palms against each other vigorously so that you can feel heat generation at the place. Now, place the warm palms over eyes. This would help to better blood circulation to the eyes and also helps to remove puffiness and tiredness of the eyes as well.