Avoid Headaches During or After Exercising

how to prevent migraines after exerciseDaily or regular work outs are good for the maintenance of a healthy body. Not only does exercising sustain the body, it also helps boost the bodies’ immune system and brings about extra energy to the body. However, the liveliness brought about by a good work out session can be hindered by headaches that occur during or after exercising. These headaches can either be tension headaches that occur at the back of the head near the nape of the neck. Or it can be the kind of headache that occurs on either side of the head, almost like a splitting pain. Worst case would be migraines that may last for a longer period.

Though these headaches are a common occurrence for many people, there are a few things an individual can do to try and avoid them. Prior to exercising, it’s advisable to warm up. A few stretching exercises – your legs, thighs, arms, torso – will do just fine. This helps loosen up your body muscles as well as slowly builds your body up for the work out that will ensue. Once you begin your exercising, be sure not to push your body too hard. If anything, pay attention to your body as you exercise so as not to over do it. Make sure you have drinking water nearby. As you work out, your body gets dehydrated so it’s vital that you regenerate it. Sometimes the lack of water in your system may cause the occurrence of a headache.

Energy drinks are good too in case your body is low in sugar. This will keep the body revitalized by providing nutrients needed at the time. Low sugar in the body can cause headaches during and after exercising. If energy drinks do not work for you, then glucose in water or a glucose pill will do the job too.

Another thing that may bring about the headaches is lack of food. It’s wise to eat before exercising. A fruit, like a banana will provide enough energy for a work out session. Alternatively, eat a proper meal after exercising and try not to stay on an empty stomach.

If it’s too hot a day to exercise outside, an indoor work out would be prudent. Working out in the heat will definitely bring about a headache. An indoor work out session will be just as effective and physically sound. Interchanging exercising routines might also do the body good. Keep the same energetic pace and work out time. You might find that your body reacts positively to one exercise strategy as opposed to another.

If you have tried all the above but the headaches still persist, then seeking medical attention is necessary. Though there are pain medications that can be taken before or after exercising, a physician’s advice might help uncover something hidden. Furthermore, it’s better getting sound judgment on what medication to take or what other exercising options might work best for you to eliminate the headaches.

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