Average weather in New York City in July

Average weather in New York City in JulyAccording to climate conditions, New York City has humid climatic conditions in summer season and it goes wet cold in winters. The weather changes dramatically in matter of hours and if you are planning a visit or tour to the area then the following tips will help to give you knowledge of  weather in New York City in July.  It is good idea if you plan and pack your bags according to weather.

Average Weather for New York, NY in July


New York has a humid continental climate and has hot summers with no dry season. Even the some percent of the areas are covered by buildup areas, around 22% place is covered byseas and oceans, about 16% land have forests, another 7% land is covered by grasslands and lakes and rivers takes only 5% of the land.

Weather Conditions

During the July month, weather remains hot and humid in the area. It brings stifling heat to the city even temperature remains at the same height during night. Sometimes the weather goes cruel. At that time temperature ranges from 70-95 and occasionally it reaches to 100 but usually highs to above 80. The above 20 degrees spikes in the subways. It is possible that it would down there but heat is what that gets worst out of subways. Also, it is humid around there and that is much capable to make warm weather even much hotter.


Weather in New York City goes high at the day time and an approximate says to goes high around 27 degrees Celsius at the day for complete month and the exceeding point can be 32 degrees and dropping can be below 21 degrees

What to Wear

It is true the climatic conditions are not pleasant in the particular time but you dresses and accessories can provide you much relief. You should keep your umbrella with you that would keep you away from sun and heat. Also, the clothes you worn should be of natural fibers and so choose the linen and cotton clothes.