Average temperature in New York City in August

Average temperature in New York City in August

The beautiful New York City becomes humid and hot in the month of August. Actually it remains very hot during whole summer period. Specifically the Average temperature in New York City in August goes 83 degree Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) high and sometimes it reaches to even 100 degrees. On the other hand, the lower temperature is 69 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). As compared to temperature in July it goes a bit cooler and drier in the later week of the month. This summer months brings the stifling heat along with humidity in the city.

August Average Weather Temperatures in New York City


New York City is urban heat island and it has temperature around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (3-4 degrees) warmer as compared to temperature recorded at night than other surrounded areas. To fight with warmth the roofs of the houses or buildings have painted with white color as it can increase the reflection of solar energy.

Weather Conditions

There are heat waves in the month of August and so many days the temperature reaches to upper nineties or over and at the same time the humidity also increases very well. It becomes very uncomfortable condition. If you are ok with warm conditions then visit the place at that time is not even that bad.  Hot, humid, sometimes oppressive are some words which can define the Average Temperature in New York City in August. The weather remains more pleasant in the last two weeks of the month compared to the first two ones.

What to Wear

As the temperature is hot and has sunny days so you have to keep your umbrella with you so that you can save yourself from that. Your clothes should be off the soothing and soft fabric as able to fight with uncomfortable summer. Along with that preferred wearing closed toe shoes as it gives comfort at the walking and resist the feet from water. You should drink plenty of water so that to keep yourself well hydrated.