Art Lebedev Shows Presentation of Sub-$ 1000 Optimus Keyboard

Art Lebedev Optimus KeyboardArt Lebedev has revealed a picture of the new modern keyboard with screens in each key. This new keyboard will be smarter, smaller, and promises to be less high-priced compared to thenew Optimus Maximus presents a couple of years ago. It has nearly 2 years since Optimus popularis was 1st presented by the Art Lebedev studio, and entirely, they have announced the 1st contributing of what the Optimus keyboard will look like. The new picture shows some of the specifications provided also as a display area between the F-line and the rest of the keys.

Optimus keyboard Popular is will look like a laptop and will not have extra keys or programmable keys for computation. Furthermore, the size keys themselves (size of foundation) will also be reduced to 15 mm x 15 mm – 20 mm x 20 mm of the new Optimus Maximus. Nevertheless, as Optimus popularis have keys differently from short-haul and distance, 15x15mm keys should be fairly easy to use. In addition, the original new keys have “screens” with 64 pxl x 64 pxl resolution, 48×48 above the Maximus.

Actually, the original Optimus popularis has nonexistence to do with the primary design concept of the popularis showed 2 years ago. However, it seems that the major concept of the device remains intact: the keyboard is based on a huge touch screen with buttons installed.

Now each key – including the space bar – has as lots of screen space as possible. There is also an extra display area between F-line and the rest of the keys. Optimus Popularis comes in a brief form factor without the section of dedicated numeric keypad. Optimus Keyboard have distinctive Fn key in the left corner that revolutions right side of the keyboard keys page and block number and the numbers arranged in a common calculator design.

Its have not numeric keypad and also receives a distinctive Fn key at the bottom that transform the right side of keyboard keys block and page number and the numbers arranged in a common calculator design. Popularis Optimus Keyboard is anticipated to start shipping later this year or early 2011 with a retail price of $1000.