Are Birth Defects Preventable?

How to Prevent Birth Defects during PregnancyThinking, but this is true as many of the experts said that many of the birth defects are preventable. Experts believe that if a mother is leading a healthy lifestyle then many of the diseases that can affect the baby can be cured. Expected mothers are said o taken care of many of the things as what the things mother face affects the baby too. There are many things that if mother haven’t taken care can result in many defects in child’s health and also in his life.

There are many things and prevention cures that a woman has to take during pregnancy. It will help to lessen the risk of developing defect in the baby in the mother’s womb. Most of the precautionary measures are common sense measures that can be apply to anyone for leading a healthy life. Many women who are at the stage of reproductive age must be cognizant of the fact that there is a requirement of lead a healthy life. Even many of the senior doctors agreed with the statement. Doctors also said that a pregnant lady have to live in a healthy lifestyle.

She must do exercise on regular basis. These exercises should be done under the prescription of doctor or physician. A pregnant lady has to do light exercises like walking or cycling. Do you know that about 1 out of every 33 children who took birth in USA has any of the birth defect? The centers which control the diseases and helps to prevent said that any of the birth defects taken place during the first 3 months of pregnancy and that includes some structural, biochemical abnormality and also functional abnormality and these abnormalities results in defects in child and in some case it even can result in death of child.

There are many of the birth defects but heart diseases and defects are the most common one. 1 out of 100 babies is born with the heart disease. This defect is very common and the reason is that fetal development of heart is very complicated and because of the complication there are possibities to go wrong. Also, heart is very complex organism and it comes by many forces which develop in the embryo. Newborn kids which are defected with heart issues are known as atrial septal defect or it is also called with the name ventricular septal defect. According to the defect, these kids have hole in their heart.

Every heart has four chambers, the top two chambers are called atrial and the bottom ones are called ventricle. These are separated by the muscular walls that are called septum. Some babies who are born with congenital heart defects, have their all closed completely and hole can be even either on the left side or the right side. This wall prevents the oxygen flow to the blood which is flowed to the lungs and then oxygenated to provide oxygen. Also, the blood that flow to the tissues is also not well oxygenated as generally happens. In some cases these defects came at the small or mild level and in some cases the problem becomes very large and so severe that make a wall in the development of the child.

So, a lady has to take care of her in her pregnancy time not for her but for the health of her baby too.