Apple with their New iPhone 4G

Apple 4G iPhoneIf the rumors are to be believed, Apple with its new 4G iPhone will be out by July. It’s been less than a year since it had released its iPhone 3G that they are coming out with iPhone 4G with some new feature includingbetter camera and a removable battery and some other new exciting features. It is also being revealed that, it will have 5MP which is better than 3MP of iPhone which can put it on par with the camera in Google Nexus One.

Some website also claim that, Apple targeted May because at the same Google would release its Nexus One Android Smartphone. Although, the Nexus One was released in the month of January, but Apple wanted to compete with Google by releasing its iPhone 4G. The rumors are also spreading that this new 4G comes with dual-core processor along with more RAM touch sensitive case. It has larger screen space with OLED display of 90%.

The high resolution display would slightly compete with other iPhone display. But still it’s not clear that the front facing camera will only be used for video conference or for self portrait. If this rumors to be believed, than it will have enough battle with Samsung and HTC.  The speculations are high as it heads sport integrated RFID technology that will enable its function as a digital identification or e-wallet which can help to surf wireless.

Along with the debut of iPhone 4G, the A4 chip will also enter in the market. It is definite that iPhone 4G will provide brighter and bigger screen along with more space. Apple also promises about iPhone 4G battery life which can last for 7hrs of 3G talktime with 6 hrs of browsing, 10 hrs of video display and 40 hrs of music along with 300 hrs of standby.

The major of this iPhone 4G is its  stainless steel body and it’s build with glass both on front and back and is designed to have good scratch resistance.

The new iPhone 4GG will be sold for $ 199 in US with 16GB and $299 for 32GB. So wait is almost over to have hand on it and bring the difference in your Phone.