Amazon – Kindle DX Graphite new edition with new features

Amazon Kindle DX Graphite Amazon has announced the new Kindle DX Graphite Editionwhich comes with new features and improved with 9.7 inches E Ink, with a contrast of up to 50% better than the text clearer and sharper pictures. New edition of graphite will be released on 7thJuly, 2010 and is now available for pre-order on the store of Amazon at a price $379. After the price dispute with Barnes & Noble Amazon Kindle fall only, $ 189 Kindle’s biggest DX beginning to look a bit silly as much as $ 489. Amazon has now filed an updated Kindle DX, with a low sticker price of $ 379 and 9.7-inch E Ink screen.

This case has been changed from white to graphite, but other than DX is the same as before. That means 3G wireless integrated – which can be used internationally – to download magazines, e-books and journals, full QWERTY keyboard, storing up to 3500 documents and battery life up to one week by wireless and double that with it off. Beautiful Huge Display: 9.7 inch diagonal screen DX Kindle E Ink is ideal for a variety of reading materials, including graphics-rich books, newspapers, PDF files, blogs and magazines. Read in the sunlight without glare – Unlike a computer or a backlit LCD screen, the screen DX Kindle looks and reads as a real paper, without glare. It is easy to read in sunlight as in the bedroom room.

Purchase the book once, read anywhere – Kindle DX books you can read in the everyday devices including Kindle DX, Kindle, Mac, PC, iPhone, IPAD, BlackBerry and Android. In addition, Amazon Whispersync technology also automatically synchronizes and saves the client and library books last page to read all these devices. Some new features you’d expect from a new Amazon Kindle DX includes integrated support for 3G offers 3G connectivity and global coverage, is a text speech function, PDF reader, supports auto-rotation screen there is also support for access to Facebook and Twitter from the device.

Really, with a 10.4 × 7.2 × 0.38 inches which are still a big beast and the markets may be less common than Kindle. Kindle Amazon’s new DX is available for presale now, the price of only $ 379, with delivery scheduled to begin from July 7, 2010.