African Traditional Wedding Hairstyles

African Traditional Wedding HairstylesIt is your wedding day when you want to look different and even best than others. So, the thing that helps you to look fabulous is your dress, makeup and hairstyles. You would feel that I have kept the hairstyle at last as it is not that important but you have to remember one thing that without a wonderful hairstyle you can’t manage to look great. African hair is more prone to breaking as they can’t retain moisture. So, in case you are in search of African traditional wedding hairstyles then you need soft and smooth texture that requires care because chemical usage gives way to damage of hair.

Traditional African Wedding Hairstyles

Different Wedding hairstyles- The mixture of French and regular braids is very common among African ladies as it gives texture for updo. It is good for you to pick a style which needed lesser processing on hair and so it helps you to look elegant as well as sophisticated. Main part is it helps to manage the hair health because it also doesn’t need any chemical usage of unnecessary processing. Here are some easy and beautiful African traditional wedding hairstyles.

Ringlets– It is also known with the name spiral curls and to get the style you needed large or small barreled curling iron. After that you have to take a lock of your hair and make it detangle with comb. Simply wind your hair around the curling iron’s barrel. To make firm spirals you can use hair spray and then your hair would be set. Now, it is the time to remove curling iron and repeat the same process where you want to have curls. At the end you need to apply hair spray to finish the look.

Tip- You have to use the curling iron when your hair is dry as using that over wet hair can damage the hair health. For fashionable curls you can try a pair of straightening tongs and as result you would get even more funky curls.

Finger Waves- This hairstyle is also known as barrel curls and pin curls. The best thing is that it can be done with using some of the hair pins and with your hands. Thus style lie flatter to the scalp area compared to spiral curls. For getting curls you have to wet your hair and then curl them to your finger and tight it well. Now use the holding spray to get the perfect curls. Now, using the hair pins you can place that curls at the desired location you want. If you love to have relaxed look then remember you should not twist your hair too much. Also, at the end of your whole style you can spray the holding gel to keep the hairstyle at its place. If you love to jewel your style then you can use studded pins as that it would provide sparkle to your look. Ladies who have special love for nature can also decorate the hair with some natural flower and also it would give them more sophisticated look.