Acupressure For Sinus Pain

Acupressure For Sinus PainAcupressure is an alternative to medical treatment, in which, physical pressure is applied to trigger points with the aim of cleaning blockages in meridians. It is very similar to Acupuncture, the only difference is in Acupuncture pressure is applied by needles and in Acupressure it is applied by hand, by elbow, or with various devices.

Acupressure helps in treating a lot of illness and diseases. But it`s mostly helpful in curing sinus pain. Sinus is an abnormal cavity or passage caused by the destruction of tissue. In common usage, “sinus” usually refers to the par-nasal sinuses, which are air cavities in the cranial bones, especially those near the nose and connecting to it.

Following given are some of the tips to get relief from sinus pain using Acupressure. By working on these points you will get better very quickly. Using just one or two of them whenever, you get time, can be effective.

How To Relieve Sinus Pain with Acupressure

Points (A):

Location: In the notch of the inner eye socket where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrows.

Benefits: Relieves sinus pain, headaches, blurry vision, red and watery eyes, hay fever, and eyestrain.

Points (B):

Location: Just to the side of the nostril.

Benefits: Relieves sinus pain, nasal congestion, facial paralysis, and facial swelling.

Points (C):

Location: At the bottom of the cheekbone, directly below the pupil.

Benefits: Relieves stuffy nose, head congestion, burning eyes, toothaches, and eye fatigue.

Points (D):

Location: One-half inch below the base of the skull on the ropy muscles one-half inch outward from the spine.

Benefits: Relieves head congestion, hay fever, stress, burnout, stiff necks, swollen eyes, and sore throats.

Points (E):

Location: On the crown of the head between the cranial bones. To find the point, follow the line up from the back of the ears to the top of the head.

Benefits: Relieves sinus congestion, poor concentration and memory, and headaches.

Points (F):

Location: On the top of the skull, in a line upward from the back of the ears, one thumb width from the center.

Benefits: Relieves headaches, stuffy nose, sinus and head congestion, and a weak sense of smell.

Points (G):

Location: In the webbing between the thumb and index finger, at the highest spot of the muscle when you bring the thumb and index finger close together.

Benefits: Relieves headaches, sinus pain, and hay fever, as well as head congestion.

Points (H):

Location: Directly between the eyebrows, the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead.

Benefits: Relieves hay fever, sinus congestion, headaches, and eyestrain.

Points (I):

Location: Two-thirds of the way up from the upper lip to the nose.

Benefits: Relieves hay fever, sneezing, fainting, and dizziness.

Acupressure makes both hemispheres of the brain work simultaneously. In doing so, it improves one’s logical reasoning too. It`s proven, that Acupressure is the best treatment for Sinus pain. So, what are you waiting for? If you have time, tries to perform these exercises and you will feel the difference in no time.