2012 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is classy sedan or transformable and also have some big talents like 31 mpg highway fuel economy. But here some issues with that as it is known as tire smoking pony car that rechristened last year with new powertrains and also have some goodness’s with this model with the return of the Boss. Most of the time performance strength of GT which is Shelby GT500 and new boss, their strength has got 8 out of 10 marks. The luxury and technology features of the model are very good as compare to older models.

2012 Ford Mustang Features and Specs

Last year, it comes back with “5.0” Mustang and have 412 horsepower in Mustang GT. Even in the base models there is new corporate this is 3.7 liter V 6 with having 305 horsepower. Even the engine is good and shows good response too. It also has sharp approach. The 2011 also have upgraded brakes and some new suspensions which are tuning and electric power steering can be switchover. This is which defines the quality of Ford. Even heels of Ford Mustang are quicker than other models and bow to touch.

All these options which combine make the Ford Mustang an attractive and desirable car. The fabric top opens quickly and also leaves the ‘Stang vulnerable to a little more body flex as if you compare it to two seat convertibles. Even this has seat and tire packages, interior treatments, decals and scoops. Even there is SYNC Bluetooth control for steering and infotainment and have Sony stereo systems.

There are two classic lineups, Shelby GT500 and Boss editions. Shelby comes back usual carousel of law sidestepping and has 550 horsepower, and has 15/23 mpg EPA which is rated bypasses gas-guzzler taxes and has electric street performance.

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