2011 Chevrolet Volt – Concept Car

2011 Chevrolet VoltGeneral motors going to launch a complete concept car –Chevrolet in late fall of the year 2010. This car had unique qualities as it offers eco-friendly nature as that we seen in anelectric car. It stood in its position as a concept car, as it can travel by electric power up to a distance of 40 miles and in turn boosts its efficiency with its gasoline engine to recharge its batteries.

Specifications and Features of 2011 Chevrolet Volt

The analysis on Chevrolet volt by the manufacturers reveals that on examining the economic costs or the savings and performance, style, size, availability, etc, are reporting that this car sure revolutionizes automotive industry.

The name to be a concept car is best suited to Chevrolet volt because it’s the first plug-in electric/gas vehicle. Even it is of limited production by this year 2010 with its launches in Connecticut, Michigan, New York, Texas, California, Washington DC and New Jersey but later it will be available worldwide by the year 2011.

General motors in general calls this car to be as an electric car with an extended range because it not works like other hybrids but its performance ratio had multiple benefits while the ride itself. Like many other hybrids Chevrolet volt’s electric motors powered by battery and gas engines provide power to its wheels. Hence, in volt, its wheels are always powered and kept to drive continuously by electricity derived either from the battery or from the gasoline engine which serves the work to be as a generator. The battery can be recharged by plug into a standard 240 – volt household outlet or can also be charged from the nearest available charging station that helps in reducing the charging time roughly to half.

Chevrolet volt claims for its fuel efficiency of a mileage range of about 40 miles from a fully charged battery and a mileage range of 340 miles by using gasoline cylinders. It has gas engine back up by 4-cylinders of 1.4 liter capacity each serving to provide efficiency up to 80-horsepower.

In turn the safety features that available include traction control, ABS, front-side airbags, antiskid system, driver and passenger knee airbags and curtain-side air bags; other features of comforts like hard drive powered with digital-music files, remote-charging and vehicle control, heated front seats, front-obstacle detection and rear obstacle detection, rearview camera all best suits to give the name as a concept car to Chevrolet volt and is best suited.